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All the difficulties that you will have to face for us are just ordinary tasks

No matter what tasks are facing you - study, business, recreation or relocation, if you need real estate in Poland, our specialists are ready to help you choose the optimal way to get permanent or temporary residence in one of the most amazing European countries. Here you will find everything - and the sea, and mountains, and the big cities, and cozy suburbs, and seething capitals, and intelligent provinces.

If you want to live in a house by the sea so that pine trees rustle around, rent a modern office in Warsaw, buy a cozy apartment in a prestigious area for a family, find an inexpensive but decent housing for a student - you have come to the right address.
We provide a full range of services: realtor, legal. consulting and organizational, related to the purchase, sale, rent and lease of real estate in Poland.

Buy? Sell? Rent?

We will find the perfect option for you. The city center or a house by the sea, a room for a warehouse or a cozy office for several people according to your budget or we will offer the best price. We will help with repairs, contractors, design. You just need to imagine the result that you would like to receive, and we will implement this little magic for you.


Residential? Office? Stock?

We work in all segments of the real estate market. Our database of objects is one of the most versatile, and it is constantly replenished, including exclusive offers. We can help you find an object for you under any of your tasks and requirements. We are guided by the principle that there is nothing impossible in the Polish real estate market.


Primary or secondary?

Do you want to live and work in the historical center of a European city? Or do you like the modern space and comfort of new buildings? We are ready to satisfy any of your whims. In our database you will find offers for every taste. Well, if you do not find it, we will pick it up and form it for you in the shortest possible time. You should only want that!


So, especially for you, we:

  • Will pick up the necessary object - an apartment, office, house, warehouse, - any real estate, based on your requirements and wishes. New or in the secondary market. To buy or rent. Subject to the agreed budget.
  • We will help students and workers to rent decent housing for little money, businessmen - to find an office appropriate to the status, tourists and investors - the best accommodation in beautiful places.
    Verify the object: you are insured against all unpleasant surprises. We will check the seller, the tenant, we will make sure that the object meets the purpose, the documents are in order, there are no risks.
  • We will carry out legal support of the transaction.
  • We will help you to carry out the transaction without unpleasant surprises.

No matter what the ultimate goal of your stay in Poland is, we GUARANTEE, we will help with the solution of all problems.

Regardless of your goal: residence permit, permanent residence, immigration, real estate acquisition or investment We will help you get settled and legalize in Poland.

We offer you full support in these areas, also we will provide you with obtaining all necessary documents, permits and certificates. Polish government institutions are places in which We are perfectly oriented and which are not a problem for Us.

We are waiting for you in our offices in Lviv and Krakow. We guarantee that we will turn your worries into tasks with beautiful and effective solutions.