For us there are no secrets in the field of Real Estate in Poland

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We are a company that has been operating on the market since 2013, which specializes in real estate.

We deal not only with buying, selling, renting houses and apartments, but also with commercial properties for investment purposes. Among them are hotels, boarding houses, offices, warehouses or plots of land.

Our competence in the Polish real estate market, economic realities and in the legal component is a guarantee of making a reliable transaction at the most affordable price for you.

We will help you not only with the formalities associated with the acquisition of new real estate in Poland, but also with the obstacles that could theoretically appear on our common path to success.

Thanks to the repeatedly performed algorithm of actions we know well which steps separate you from the joy of owning your investment in Poland.

Our experience, about five years of presence on the Polish market, and before that more than a decade in the Ukrainian market. And the fact that there are two independently operating branches in Lviv and Krakow, are accompanied by the fact that we are ready to deal with all formalities without delay, in order to maximally save your nerves, time and money.

The founder of the company Chernenko Taras Grygorovich himself for fifteen years trampled on this path and therefore knows how many surprises you can wait in this process.

You can take his experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Have you already decided to purchase an investment in Poland? Well, let us accompany you on this path, without any doubt and unnecessary problems.

Your new home is already waiting for you!

Our management Taras and Irina Chernenko
Heads of the company and members of the commission from Poland


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