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TAIRAGROUP is a Polish-Ukrainian company, headquartered in Krakow, Poland.
The company provides real estate, legal, informational and consulting services to people who wish to purchase, invest or rent various types of real estate.
The leading Ukrainian and Russian-speaking specialists have been successfully working on the Polish property market for over 5 years.
In addition, taking into account the experience of the company, additional services are provided related to immigration, business and adaptation in Poland.


You have the idea or the need to purchase, rent, invest in property in Poland? But you don't know how to do it, what conditions on the legal level, what costs can You expect?

In the beginning we also did not know. But this stage we successfully held, and already 5 years we are sharing this  experience with people who come to us

The company's founders - Taras and Irina Chernenko

Do you want to have a reliable partner in choosing a property in Poland?

Then, no time to lose — let's start selection of properties that will fully meet Your needs and capabilities.



... Our story begins long before owning our own home. Our first stone clashes with Poland was immigration of the entire family. Successful completion was due to the persistence in learning all the details of legislation and feelings of responsibility for family members. And so, in 2013 in Poland the company was formed, was legalized more than 100 people, registered 72 firms, some still maintained by us and over the last 4 years purchased 34 different types of real estate, invested in the amount of more than 6.5 million euros


Our team

Taras Chernenko

  • 5 years of experience in real estate

  • a successful businessman and investor

  • participant of international exhibitions, conferences and seminars

  • specialist in investment and purchase of real estate Suite.

Irina Chernenko

  • specialist of high level of immigration in Poland (legalized  more than 100 people)

  • has registered 72 companies in Poland

  • successfully passed the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Poland


Our russian-speaking agents:

                     Arthur Chernenko                                     Uliana Yaschenko


And a lot of other people, who are behind the success of Your deals.