Turkey. Konya. International shopping center.

Turkey. Konya. International shopping center.

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Turkey, Konya. International shopping center.

TTS – is one of the largest cities of Turkey in Konya.

Shopping center, which we structured to give a new dimension to the appearance and life of the great Konya, is the only international trade centre of Konya.

In Konya shopping enthusiasts can visit first-class shopping centers and markets, a historic town famous for the variety of unique products. One of the most modern and largest shopping center is, he will appreciate the beautiful design and rich choice of shops. There is great shopping with casual clothes, the ladies will love the elite salons of underwear and stores that sell formal dresses. There are a lot of shops with accessories, bathing suits and other beach equipment, and even work very interesting shops with goods for children. The Mall is nice and its confectionery, in which you can taste and purchase take-out gorgeous pastries and cakes.

The Shopping Center is located 160 shops, more than 60 brands, national and international brands

Year of project opening: 2017

Area: 23.000 m2

Covered area: 81.000 m2

Number of floors: 4

Independent section: 179

Leasable area: 42,066 m2

The total annual rental income: EURO 7.000.000 from


59 489 778 $ Lot: 152
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