Sale, Premises, 133.1 sq.m.

Sale, Premises, 133.1 sq.m.

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Year built
Bardzo dobry
C.o. z piecem gazowym


Interesting, independent commercial real estate

I recommend to buy a commercial building in an attractive location in the centre of Zielona góra.The building has a total area 133,05 m2 consists of ground floor: 66,5M2 second floor: 66,5 m2. On the first floor is the room service - commercial consisting of a large hall, a small server and a bathroom with TOILET. Advantage is a great site main entrance for the pedestrian and a second entrance from the side of the building. The second floor has 3 rooms, home and office service, kitchenette and bathroom with TOILET. The room has a private entrance at the side of the building.Standard of finish: the house was built in 2006 in style.=, well maintained, insulated, PVC Windows. Floors tiles, walls gładzone, painting. Available media: water, sewage, electricity, gas. On the ground floor with air conditioning. Heated by a gas stove on the second floor and oven akumulacyjnym on the ground floor.The building will receive a Parking space for the owner, and in the vicinity of Parking in a pay zone. The perfect place for business of various profile: insurance office, restaurant, switch, etc.Location: the building is located in the heart of the city, on zielonogórskim pedestrian area, this place is known and loved by locals and tourists who enjoy visiting at any time of the year. Here you can find: shops, shopping malls, service companies, banks, offices, cultural institutions, for example, Theatre Lubuski Museum of the Earth Lubuskiej. The building on the street with intense movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

Offer details: INVESTOR of real ESTATE in Zielona góra, ul Westerplatte 22 - Peter Horn, tel. 036 501 427 or 68 32 04 305.

Legal information: Information regarding the description of the property specified by the owner are solely for informational purposes, and may require updates. Offer regarding real estate is an invitation to negotiations in accordance with article 71 of the Civil Code and is not an offer specified in article 66 and following of the COP.


242 414 $
1 822 $/sq.m.
Lot: 36846
Artur Czernenko



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