Sale, Premises, 1030.0 sq. m.

Sale, Premises, 1030.0 sq. m.

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Club, pub, pizzeria, hotel, several in one, Namysłów

Are you looking for a recognizable space for their activities ? You want to open a club in a certain place on the map Namysłowa with a reputation in the entire County and the surrounding area ? Or do you want to completely change the fate of the buildings, opening in a Home, Hotel or Wedding House ? You have got to address - this proposal opens up opportunities for any good ideas. Call me, make an appointment, and I'll show You the perfect object for You. I invite you to buy land, built-up residential buildings with a total area about 1030 m2 located on a land area of 2378 m2 in a recognizable place in Namysłów. The proposed facility consists of five independent buildings that were built in the shape of a rectangle according to a traditional brick technology with the use of solid brick with cement-lime mortar and a wooden construction (terrace). This one-storey and two-storey buildings without a basement, in half-open buildings with other buildings located on the site. Part of the wooden ceilings of the buildings of timber and refractory steel rails. Woodwork and doors are PVC, steel and wood. Pent roof wooden structure covered with tar paper and trapezoidal sheet metal on a wooden structure. Interior finish of the buildings varied, depending on the room and the walls are covered with cement - lime plaster and modern ceramic tiles, and floors are concrete, covered in the most colorful tiles. The building is equipped with electricity, water - sewage and Central heating (oven coal/wood situated in the boiler room, additional heaters in separate rooms and have a fireplace located in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the property).

Building 1: building total area is approximately 418 m2, consisting of: premises intended for activities of public catering, restaurant, kitchen, warehouse, toilets (type: toilet female, male), and disco hall, located on the ground floor and on the second floor of the building.

Building 2: total useful building area is around 430 m2 comprising on the ground floor and on the second floor are two halls, discos, fully equipped club, ie leather loggia and built-in bars.

Building 3: lightweight design with a usable area of about 98 m2.

Case 4: the total area of the apartment is about 47 m2, which includes dressing room and hall.

Building 5: wooden covered terrace with a usable area of about 36 m2 with exit from the second floor of the building.

The property according to local land use plan and development is denoted by the symbol E. 1 UP, which is a zone service - production activities. The area around the mansion was a fully enclosed concrete slabs with steel entrance gates, well maintained and landscaped with numerous ornamental shrubs. Near the property there are other buildings real estate, many points of service - shopping centres, supermarkets, schools, kindergarten, train and bus stations. Invite you to a presentation in our office to discuss the details of the proposal, and to determine convenient meeting time.

Legal information: Information regarding the description of the property specified by the owner, are for informational purposes only and may require updates. Offer regarding real estate is an invitation to negotiations in accordance with article 71 of the Civil Code of Poland and is not an offer specified in article 66 and following of the civil code of Poland.


165 173 $
160 $/sq.m.
Lot: 42110
Artur Czernenko



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