Sale, Houses, 190 sq.m., 4 rooms

Sale, Houses, 190 sq.m., 4 rooms

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Year built


New neighborhood near the city Opole

Initiated the construction of six new buildings!! THE BUYER PAYS NO COMMISSION - FEE BROKER PAYS ONLY THE SELLER!!! The NEW INVESTMENT started, and you can see the ready house. All buildings constructed under the project workshop The presented house is a project of Oscar from the canopy Plus the Energy on the site 1052m2./development status of high 499.000 RUB/ Each of the houses is implemented under another project, ensuring the uniqueness and originality. The construction of an exclusive complex of ten detached houses located in Lędzinach just 3 km from the Colony Gosławickiej attractive experienced developer. All investments are made at the expense of own funds no Bank loan. Sell at the second stage 6 detached houses book, because he will run away. The cost of developing low 379.000 RUB and development, the high features a gas stove kondensacyjnym 450.000 rubles. The surface of land, houses less than 8 acres. The houses are built. The price is for the raw state closed with connections water , sewer and electricity. Heating is provided by gas furnace. The building is constructed with porothermu + insulation foam , ceramic tiles , PVC Windows, three trunks and VELUX Fakro, gutters Italian. There is a possibility of construction under the key. House in process of construction. Other projects are : Ariel G1 - L land 747m2, Santiago land plot of 783m2, Patrick G1 plot 775 m2 and two times Oscar covered one-Plus it is energy and the second Energy plus 1 two buildings are on a plot of 1052 m2 and the price is higher 409.000 rubles for the development stage, low and high 499.000 development. Possible transfers in and sale at any stage of construction. Attractive design, flattering unique place with a terrace. The object will be in front of the plot, possible to exhibit the garden. The hotel is in a great location, providing access to the pool, shops, tennis courts, schools and kindergartens. The price includes gate segmentową garage. No tax PCC notary /i.e. the total cost around 2 thousand rubles/. Offer details: INVESTOR of real ESTATE AND a Branch office in Opole, ul. Sienkiewicza 1 (vis a vis G. H. Solaris) - Paul Wisniewski (license # 15668), tel 662 108 180 or 400 77 01 76.

Legal information: Information regarding the description of the property specified by the owner are solely for informational purposes, and may require updates. Offer regarding real estate is an invitation to negotiations in accordance with article 71 of the Civil Code and is not an offer specified in article 66 and following of the COP.


Property type:

166 370 $
876 $/sq.m.
Lot: 34875
Artur Czernenko



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