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19.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Kołobrzeg

Premises in the centre of kołobrzegSold commercial real estate in the center of kołobrzeg. The hotel consists of a main room, a server and a bathroom with a total area of 79,52 m2, ideal for conduc...

162 880 $ Lot 43467
18.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Pomorskie, Sopot

Investment. Best offer. Office building in Sopot. 1. Office building with a total area of 1850 m2 + 2 car garage of 18 m2; Number of storeys - 5, Elevator. 2. Land for eternal use: 1...

2 705 913 $ Lot 157
16.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Opolskie, Opole

Top placement in the Market. Dear Customer, We invite you to familiarize with the offer of sale is a unique institution in the Opole market square. The property is situated on the gr...

525 420 $ Lot 43451
12.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Małopolskie, Łapanów

Commercial building with potential on a large plot in Łapanowie In the sale of multi-functional building with a usable area of about 800 m2 on a plot of 21 ar in Łapanowie district Вocheńs...

196 770 $ Lot 42281
12.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Łódzkie, Bełchatоw

Offer commercial property in the center Bełchatów - Gotowiec investment Offered for sale is a real possibility - 1263 m2 commercial, best square in the city centre, the best place in Bełch...

1 016 688 $ Lot 43236
12.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Opolskie, Byczyna

Meat processing plant equipment We offer for sale current meat processing plant located in the town of Byczyna in the Opole district, in DK 11. Plant area of 616 m2, located on a plot of a...

260 083 $ Lot 43216
12.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Dolnośląskie, Wrocław

A room with potential We offer for sale commercial premises for any business area 126,59 m2, located in Oltaszyn. The facility is equipped with all communications: water, Sewerage, e...

229 470 $ Lot 43178
11.09.2019 Sale, Premises TURKEY

Turkey, Konya. International shopping center. TTS – is one of the largest cities of Turkey in Konya. Shopping center, which we structured to give a new dimension to the appearance an...

57 549 976 $ Lot 152
09.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Sławoborze

For sale Two-storey premises with an area of 883 m2, located on a land area of 7400 m2 in the city of Sławoborze. Swidwin 35 km from kołobrzeg. The facility is located on the provincial ro...

394 065 $ Lot 42971
09.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Dolnośląskie, Wrocław

With the temple in Alcaline We offer for sale premises of the trade and terms of service economy under any economic activities and the usable area of 100,2 m2, located in Oltaszyn. The obj...

184 265 $ Lot 43019
09.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Podkarpackie, Rzeszów

Room sales and service Strzyżowska of 131.2 m Sell a room on the street Strzyżowskiej - price: 720 000,00 PLN net, - number of rooms: 12, - usable area: 131.2 m2, -...

189 151 $ Lot 42141
09.09.2019 Sale, Premises Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Kołobrzeg

The oldest pharmacy in the center Sell the current one of the oldest pharmacies in the center of Kolobrzeg on the street Winners. The room has a usable area of 221,43 m2. The property cons...

551 691 $ Lot 42918


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