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25.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

Great location. We offer attractive one-bedroom apartment with an area of 48.9 m2, in the Centre of białystok, in a quiet and peaceful city. Second floor, in a neat brick house after carry...

74 872 $ Lot 40770
25.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

Requires updating We offer for sale apartment in sought after location. Not only students !!! The village of Sands - known and loved, well-organized, near the Campus of Polytec...

47 025 $ Lot 40765
25.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

*Two rooms at an attractive price* Attractive apartment for sale in one of the most popular places in the estate of the Piast Piast on the street. A great place to start or for investment....

48 601 $ Lot 40753
24.03.2019 Sale, Houses Podlaskie, Solniczki

Unique, cozy house among greenery * Salt No need to search anymore! Attractive offer only INVESTOR in real Estate !!! Cosy semi-detached house with exceptional investment locat...

179 956 $ Lot 40748
22.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

*** Sunny 3 bedroom apartment *** For sale 3-bedroom, Sunny apartment in a sought after neighborhood Hub. Offer Only available in the Investor real Estate . Apartment: - ...

60 397 $ Lot 40743
22.03.2019 Sale, Houses Podlaskie, Tykocin

The house under renovation or to be demolished on a plot of 1 HECTARE Offer for sale house on a plot with an area of 1.02 HECTARES. in the municipality of Tykocin, within Słomianka-Sempiki...

31 473 $ Lot 40735
21.03.2019 Sale, Houses Podlaskie, Białystok

Unique house with stunning gardens * Jaroszowka. A unique Bungalow, in an attractive, timeless form, partly with a basement, a garage with two cars, quiet, spacious terrace with a secluded...

233 812 $ Lot 40713
20.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

Apartment for little money We offer for sale an apartment in a quiet and peaceful area with rich infrastructure Well got. Apartment for little money - ideal for couples or sing...

44 634 $ Lot 40672
19.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

Are you looking for a one bedroom apartment at a good price? Offer for sale apartment with an area of 38.6 sq. m. located at os. Forest Valley. Apartment duplex on the third floor in...

53 856 $ Lot 40671
18.03.2019 Sale, Houses Podlaskie, Białystok

*Townhouses in a quiet area ** We present a wonderful range of townhouses for Pieczurkach. It is here that you will find comfort and tranquility you are looking for. The facility is locat...

115 592 $ Lot 40666
14.03.2019 Sale, Apartments/Flats Podlaskie, Białystok

* 4 rooms renovated with taste * For sale 4 bedroom apartment in an Elevator building on os. Tithing. A real Possibility, which will not be long to wait for a new host. Apartme...

86 432 $ Lot 40635
14.03.2019 Sale, Houses Podlaskie, Białystok

Szeregówka corner * greenery * Os.Shell. In search of a quiet place surrounded by nature, for a quick introduction, I recommend attractive two storey house with terrace in a quiet, seclude...

181 270 $ Lot 40628


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