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18.11.2019 Rent, Plots Poland, Świętokrzyskie, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

Land for investment on main roadPresents You to rent a plot of land of 2000 m2. Attractive location-on the path of national 751, between Ostrowcem. and Kielcami in Szewnie, Kielecka street. The are...

657 $/month Lot 44581
12.09.2019 Rent, Plots Poland, Dolnośląskie, Bierutów

Square, storage, warehouseWe rent the property with an area of 0.25 ha, and with outbuildings for use on the purpose of the activity. The house is in the centre of the town Bierutów małopolskie reg...

525 $/month Lot 43129
09.09.2019 Rent, Plots Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, Nieżyn

Land to rentWe rent with the option to buy military phase (water + electricity) in the village Nieżyn. Semicl near kołobrzeg. The object area 0,7436 hectares is completely fenced and is located on ...

1 051 $/month Lot 42868
13.06.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Śląskie, Bytom

The perfect place for Your advertisingFor rent industrial area, is ideal for wielkofrmatową advertising their own activities.Among the main advantages are:Location - on the main road;- High intensi...

118 $/month Lot 37008
07.06.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Opole

land investment in a very good location in Opole I invite investors to see our offer of real estate located on the street in Opole.The hotel is in the shape of a rectangle with a size of ca. 30 x 6...

657 $/month Lot 36898
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Opole

Rent of land/territory, intended for investment. The position due to moving perfect for doing business in trade and services. The plot is square, partially fenced, located on the road. Possible lon...

3 941 $/month Lot 710
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Opole

To rent in Opole attractive plot of approx. 46ar. The land is located in a place very much on the main road. Is a square, and next to free media: gas and Sewerage. The purpose of the site is the ma...

1 839 $/month Lot 1642
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Jełowa

We offer to rent very attractive land for investment and construction, located in the city Jełowa. The property has an area 20100m2 and is located on the national road 45 on the highway Chelyabinsk...

2 627 $/month Lot 33218
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Opole

the treated area to rent on a busy street in Wrocław Opole Rent the treated area, located on a busy street in Wroclaw in Opole.Road 414, leads to the node autostradowego Opole-Wroclaw. Guaranteed o...

841 $/month Lot 32310
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Żerkowice

A plot of land near the town of Opole We offer for rent land area of approx. 50 acres located in the city of Zerkowice, less than two kilometers from the border of Opole. The facility is fenced, fl...

1 051 $/month Lot 29364
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Chrząstowice

For rent attractively located industrial zone with an area of 1 ha, located in the immediate vicinity of shops, production and warehouse premises. The possibility of doing business cumbersome. The ...

1 313 $/month Lot 27515
13.03.2018 Rent, Plots Poland, Opolskie, Opole

We offer to rent land, located in Opole, in the district Sauce. An object the size of 0.73 hectares, fenced, flat, with good access from the main road. The size of the plot is approx. 83mx88m. The ...

2 627 $/month Lot 22565


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