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06.03.2019 Sale, Plots Opolskie, Lędziny

For sale building plot, in accordance with the local development Plan single-family housing MN. The shape of the plot is correct and an additional advantage is the fact that you can buy a large...

45 974 $ Lot 40508
04.04.2018 Rent, Premises Opolskie, Lędziny

Commercial premises service close to Opole.Rent property, on the fate of the service office in Lędzinach circle Opole. The hotel is modern and well maintained with plenty of Parking spaces. Spaces ...

1 314 $/month Lot 35962
13.03.2018 Sale, Premises Opolskie, Lędziny

Proposal No. 5460. Sell agricultural plot area of 34.4 h, located in Chrząstowicach on the way the main national Opole-częstochowa. The land is characterized by large salt sand (approx. 4 ...

735 588 $ Lot 5460
13.03.2018 Sale, Houses Opolskie, Lędziny

The NEW INVESTMENT phase II work Lędziny k/Opole! Excellent location - close to the centre of Opole. The new investment aimed at the construction of detached houses, each on an individual project. ...

125 838 $ Lot 34579
13.03.2018 Sale, Houses Opolskie, Lędziny

New neighborhood near the city OpoleInitiated the construction of six new buildings!! THE BUYER PAYS NO COMMISSION - FEE BROKER PAYS ONLY THE SELLER!!! The NEW INVESTMENT started, and you can see t...

133 719 $ Lot 34875


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