INVESTMENT. The flagship of the Galeria Metro/

INVESTMENT. The flagship of the Galeria Metro/

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The largest shopping centre in Kwidzyn, with a GLA in excess of the total GLA of the other two similar objects in the city (10,000 m2 GLA).

The flagship of the Galeria Metro in the capital investment portfolio.

Parameters: Investment

- Minimum project cost: about 87 000 000 PLN
- estimated amount of sales min. 95 700 000 PLN

- the cost of capital is 34 000 000 PLN
- goes on sale 17 000 shares (1 share PLN 2000)
- the minimum amount of investment is 60 or 120 shares 000 PLN
- not yet commissioned, the company will pay 6% of the equity capital per year (payment will be made quarterly).

- 35 tenants (I know and appreciate the brand) Approx. 13 000 m2 GLA
- 350 Parking spaces
- the opening is planned for 3rd quarter of 2021 year
- we already have a permission for construction (Metropolitan owns land)
- Metro Gallery will be located at the intersection of toruń and South, near the national road No. 55 and provincial road 532
object is very well connected with the rest of the city, at a distance of 1 km from the railway station
rental object at such an early stage in more than 50%.

Sales and service of investment, located at the intersection of torunska and Poludneva in Kwidzyn (Pomeranian Voivodeship).

13 thousand m2 GLA 35 tenants.



25 423 662 $ Lot: 203
Taras Czernenko



Polski, Русский, Українська

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